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Al Adheed Dubai

Al Adheed Dubai Courts ( العضید )

Civil and Commercial

Effortless Civil and Commercial case submissions with us.

Labour Cases

Streamline Registration for Labour Cases in Dubai with our efficient services.

Personal Status Cases

Ensure seamless Registration of Personal Status Cases

Real Estate Cases

Swift and accurate Registration of Real Estate Cases in Dubai courts.

Application Submission

Quick and confidential Inquiries for various Cases in Dubai legal system.

Notary Public

Trustworthy Notary Public services for all types of cases in Dubai.

Legal Translation

Accurate Legal Translation services to support your case in Dubai courts.

Succession, Inheritance and Probate

Filing Requests for Succession, Inheritance and Probate

Marriage Registration

Simplify Marriage Registration with our expert services in Dubai.


Dubai Courts Authorized Service Provider


A M G Government Services Center is the first Smart Judicial service Center in Dubai, It gives you an easy access to judicial services such as Civil ,Commercial ,Labor , Personal Status ,Real Estate cases registration Services, Notary Services and legal translation service at your fingertips! A M G Government Services Center creates an atmosphere of seamless services and efficiency in line with the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed Striving to make your experience truly exceptional!

Al Adheed


- Comprehensive Gateway

For all your submission and cases registration , Cases Inquiries .Providing Judicial Services That Meet The Highest Government Service Requirements, including civil, commercial, real estate, family, financial, labor cases, as well as Succession Declaration, dispute settlements, first instance proceedings, appeal court matters, and execution procedures.

Case Registration

Notary Public Service

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Dubai Courts Authorized Marriage Registration Service Provider.

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